Gift giving
Giving objects to another person. This may have been done with or without expectation of reimbursement or reciprocation.
Key passages
1 Mac 10:53–54

And I engaged against him in battle, and he and his army were crushed beneath us, and we have sat upon the throne of his kingdom. And we should gather to him a friendship. And now give me your daughter as my wife, and I will become a son-in-law to you, and I will give you and to her gifts that …

1 Mac 10:60

And he went with pomp to Ptolemais and met the two kings and gave them gold and silver, as well as to their friends, and many gifts, and he found favor before them.

1 Mac 10:88–89

And it happened when King Alexander heard these things, he continued to honor Jonathan. And he sent him a golden buckle as it was custom to give to the kinsman of the king, and he gave him Ekron and all its borders to be his possession of land.

1 Mac 11:58

And he sent him a golden cup and a table service and gave him the right to drink in golden cup and to be dressed in purple and to have a golden buckle.

1 Mac 16:19

And he sent others into Gazara to remove John; and to the commanders he sent messages for them to come to them so that he might give them gold and silver and gifts.