Gian Lorenzo Bernini
b. December 7, 1598 – d. November 28, 1680 • Architect • Sculptor
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Bernini, Gian Lorenzo
Bernini, Gian Lorenzo(1598–1680). Perhaps the greatest sculptor of the 17th century and one of its outstanding architects, Gian Lorenzo Bernini created the baroque style of sculpture. He developed it to such an extent and it became so admired and popular that it continued for at least two more generations
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Bernini, Gian Lorenzo
BERNINI, GIAN LORENZO (1598–1680)Italian sculptor and architectBorn in Naples as a sculptor’s son, Bernini moved with his family to Rome in 1605, where he labored for the rest of his life. His earliest works show close acquaintance with the art of the Roman Empire. His early sculpted busts are marked