Gertrude the Great
b. January 6, 1256 – d. 1302 • Mystic • Theologian
The Oxford Dictionary of the Christian Church
Gertrude, St
Gertrude, St (2), ‘the Great’ (1256–c. 1302), German mystic. She is to be distinguished from the Abbess Gertrude of Hackeborn (1232–92), with whom she was long confused in older works and in the Breviary. At the age of 5 she was entrusted to the convent of *Cistercian nuns at Helfta in Thuringia, where
Dictionary of Phrase and Fable
St. Gertrude
Gertrude (St.), in Christian art, is sometimes represented as surrounded with rats and mice; and sometimes as spinning, the rats and mice running about her distaff.
Who’s Who in Christian History
Gertrude the Great
Gertrude the Great (1256–c. 1302)German mystic and writer who helped start the devotion to the Sacred Heart of JesusGertrude entered a Benedictine convent at Helfta in Thuringia (Germany) at the age of five. She had her first mystical experience when she was twenty-five, and thereafter wrote extensively