Gerhard Kittel
b. September 23, 1888 – d. July 11, 1948 • Protestant • Scholar • Theologian
The Oxford Dictionary of the Christian Church
Kittel, Gerhard
Kittel, Gerhard (1888–1948), German Protestant theologian. The younger son of the OT scholar Rudolf Kittel, he studied at Leipzig, *Tübingen, Berlin, and Kiel. After an appointment at Leipzig in 1917, he became professor at Greifswald in 1922, at Tübingen in 1926, at Vienna in 1939, and again at Tübingen
Who’s Who in Christian History
Kittel, Gerhard
Kittel, Gerhard (1888–1948)German Protestant theological scholarKittel was born in Breslau. He taught successively at Kiel, Leipzig, Greifswald, Tübingen, and Vienna for thirty years (1913–1943). Because he contributed to anti-Semitic publications in the 1930s, the Allies imprisoned him after World