Gerard Manley Hopkins
b. July 28, 1844 – d. June 8, 1889 • Jesuit • Poet • Roman catholic • Teacher
The Oxford Dictionary of the Christian Church
Hopkins, Gerard Manley
Hopkins, Gerard Manley (1844–89), poet. He was educated at Balliol College, Oxford, where he was the pupil of B. *Jowett and W. Pater and the friend of R. *Bridges and D. M. Dolben. At this time he came under the religious influence of E. B. *Pusey and H. P. *Liddon. In 1866 Hopkins joined the RC Church,
Compton’s Encyclopedia
Hopkins, Gerard Manley
Hopkins, Gerard Manley(1844–89). The collected poetry of Gerard Manley Hopkins was not published until 1918, nearly 30 years after his death. Even then his work was not well received, but a second edition in 1930 won a host of readers. Thereafter his poems were recognized as some of the most original,
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Hopkins, Gerard Manley
Hopkins, Gerard Manley (1844–1889)Poet, priest, and teacherHopkins was born at Stratford, Essex, of prosperous middle-class parents. He studied at Oxford, where he began his lifelong friendship with Robert Bridges, later Poet Laureate and collector of Hopkins’s poems. While at Oxford, he also became