George Müller
b. September 27, 1805 – d. March 10, 1898 • Evangelist • Religious group founder
The Oxford Dictionary of the Christian Church
Müller, George
Müller, George (1805–98), philanthropist and preacher. He was born near Halberstadt in Germany, but later became a British subject. Though intended for the ministry Müller was profligate as a youth until in 1825, while a student at Halle, he came into contact with a group of earnest Christians and experienced
Who’s Who in Christian History
Müller, George
Müller, George (1805–1898)Leader in the Plymouth Brethren movement; founder of Christian orphanagesMüller was born in Kroppenstadt, Prussia, and later became a British citizen. Although intended by his father for the Lutheran ministry, his early years were profligate until in 1825 he was converted