George Gillespie
b. January 21, 1613 – d. December 17, 1648 • Theologian
Encyclopedia of the Reformed Faith
Gillespie, George
Gillespie, George (1613–1648)Scottish theologian. After study at St. Andrews, while serving as domestic chaplain, Gillespi published A Dispute Against the English-Popish Ceremonies (1637), thereby gaining a considerable reputation. Subsequently he was called to an important Edinburgh church and was
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Gillespie, George
Gillespie, George (1613–1649)Scottish ministerSon of a Kirkcaldy pastor, Gillespie was educated at St. Andrews. He was a strong opponent of the Episcopal system of church government. When it was swept away by the National Covenant of 1638, Gillespie was a chief architect of the newly restored Presbyterianism,