George Berkeley
b. March 12, 1685 – d. January 14, 1753 • Anglican • Bishop • Philosopher
The Oxford Dictionary of the Christian Church
Berkeley, George
Berkeley, George (1685–1753), philosopher and divine. He was educated at Trinity College, Dublin, of which he became Fellow in 1707. After some time spent in travelling abroad, he was appointed Dean of Derry in 1724. From 1728 to 1732 he was in America, attempting to found a missionary college in Bermuda,
Baker Encyclopedia of Christian Apologetics
Berkeley, George
Berkeley, George. Bishop George Berkeley (1685–1753) was born in Kilekenny, Ireland. He studied John Locke and Rene Descartes at Trinity College, Dublin. He attempted but failed to start a college in Rhode Island. Having been ordained as an Anglican priest in 1707, he was eventually appointed bishop
The Dictionary of Historical Theology
Berkeley, George (1685–1753)
Berkeley, George (1685–1753)George Berkeley was born near Kilkenny in Ireland in 1685. He entered Trinity College, Dublin, at the age of fifteen, and took his BA in 1704. He became a fellow of the college in 1707. In that year and the year following he filled two notebooks with reflections suggested
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Berkeley, George
Berkeley, George(1685–1753). The Anglo-Irish bishop, philosopher, and scientist George Berkeley felt that all matter, insofar as humans know it, exists as a perception of mind. More broadly, he claimed everything except the spiritual exists only to the extent that it is perceived by humans. With this
Evangelical Dictionary of Theology
Berkeley, George
Berkeley, George (1685–1753). An Irish-born philosopher who presented classic arguments in favor of idealist metaphysics. He produced most of his philosophical work early: Essay towards a New Theory of Vision in 1709 and Treatise concerning the Principles of Human Knowledge in 1710. Later he attempted
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Berkeley, George
Berkeley, George (1685–1753)An Anglo-Irish philosopher who became the bishop of Cloyne, he is distinctive among early modern thinkers for formulating an immaterialist or idealist position, denying material substance as having independent existence and instead asserting that objects exist in the mind
New Dictionary of Theology: Historical and Systematic
Berkeley, George (1685–1753)
BERKELEY, GEORGE (1685–1753)Berkeley was an Irish philosopher and *apologist. Born in Kilkenny and educated at Trinity College, Dublin, he was ordained in the Anglican Church in 1707, and from 1728 to 1731 was engaged in efforts to found a college in Bermuda for missionary work. From 1734 to his death
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Berkeley, George
BERKELEY, GEORGE (1685–1753)Irish-born philosopher and Anglican bishopAs a young man Berkeley built upon the empiricist views of John Locke, developing an idealist philosophy that denied any objective reality to matter and the material world. His philosophical ideas are recorded in Essay toward a New