Geography and the Bible
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Geography of the Bible
Geography of the Bible Overviews the geography of regions in which the biblical narratives take place.
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Geography and the Bible
GEOGRAPHY AND THE BIBLE. This entry consists of two very different types of articles. The first article surveys not only the physical geology and geomorphology of Palestine, but also the human geography, including land use and settlement patterns characteristic of the land. The second article examines
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Geography, Biblical
Geography, Biblical The study of the characteristics of particular places on the surface of the planet Earth as it relates to an understanding of the Bible. Of the several categories into which geography has been divided, historical geography is of primary importance for biblical studies; physical and
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Historical Geography of the Bible
Historical Geography of the Biblehistorical geography of the Bible, the study of historical events and peoples in their geographical and ecological environment, and the reconstruction of sociological and economic patterns in antiquity on the basis of geographical data.Of all the sacred books of the
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Geographical Extent of Israel
GEOGRAPHICAL EXTENT OF ISRAELThe geographical extent of Israel should be considered against the backdrop of the natural divisions of the land of *Canaan. Although small, the geographical area of what would become Israel contains rather divergent topographical regions. These geographical regions tended
The New Interpreter’s Dictionary of the Bible, Volumes 1–5
ISRAEL, GEOGRAPHY OF. The biblical phrase in Exod 3:8 (and elsewhere), “a land flowing with milk and honey,” owes its accuracy, ancient and modern, to the geography of the southern Levant. Although there is a common idea that the southern Levant is a desert, a closer look provides a very different picture.