Geoffery Chaucer
b. 1340 – d. October 25, 1400 • Author • Philosopher • Poet
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Chaucer, Geoffrey
Chaucer, Geoffrey (1343/4–1400), English poet. He was the son of a London merchant. After serving as a page to Elizabeth de Burgh, countess of Ulster, he fought in France and was captured at ‘Retters’. Ransomed by the King, he afterwards entered his service, and during the next 30 years was employed
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Chaucer, Geoffrey
Chaucer, GeoffreyFor six centuries Geoffrey Chaucer has retained his status in the highest rank of the English poets. As many-sided as William Shakespeare, he did for English narrative what Shakespeare did for drama. If he lacks the profundity of Shakespeare, he excels in playfulness of mood and simplicity
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Geoffrey Chaucer
PoetsGeoffrey ChaucerMedieval England’s greatest storyteller“Now I beg all those that listen to this little treatise [Canterbury Tales], or read it, that if there be anything in it that pleases them, they thank our Lord Jesus Christ for it, from whom proceeds all understanding and goodness.”
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Chaucer, Geoffrey
Chaucer, Geoffrey (c. 1340–1400)English poet of the Middle AgesBorn to a well-to-do middle-class family, Chaucer early entered military service and was sent to France, captured, and later ransomed. He held various positions at court in the king’s service and in 1372 was sent to Italy, where it is believed