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Genres, Ancient Greek
Genres, Ancient Greek Covers the various genres used in the historical periods of ancient Greece.
Eerdmans Dictionary of the Bible
GenreA classification of literary composition characterized by particular elements of form and content.One of the crucial insights of form criticism in biblical studies was the realization of the importance of genre recognition for textual interpretation. One cannot understand a particular text without
Eerdmans Bible Dictionary
Genre. *A classification of literary composition characterized by particular elements of form and content. Initially applied by biblical scholars to assumed elements of oral tradition, attention to such fixed linguistic forms and their characteristic words and formulas has become an important emphasis
Encyclopedia of Ancient Christianity
Genres, Literary
GENRES, LITERARY. The characterization of the particular modes in which literary expression is realized brought to light the notion of literary genres; above all the authority of the tradition was decisive for their establishment in Greek and Latin literature. This fixed for oratory three genres: the
The New Interpreter’s Dictionary of the Bible, Volumes 1–5
GENRE. The Bible presents a range of literatures, comparable to those of the ANE and the Mediterranean Basin. Scholars call these different sorts of literature genres, to indicate their characteristics, styles, topics, and approaches to their audiences. Typical genres include, but are not limited to,
The Dictionary of the Bible and Ancient Media
Genre Genre, the forms that speech and writing might take, is a crucial aspect of communication. Members of a culture typically possess a shared repertoire of genres and a knowledge of how these different forms convey meaning. Over the past century of research, genre studies has come to be viewed less