Gennadius of Massilia
d. AD 496 • Apologist • Historian • Theologian
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Gennadius of Marseilles
Gennadius of Marseilles (fl.470), presbyter and ecclesiastical historian. His chief surviving work, the ‘De Viris Illustribus’, is a continuation of St *Jerome’s book of the same name. Completed about 480, it contains 101 notices (10 of them apparently added by a later hand) of ecclesiastical writers,
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Gennadius of Marseilles
Gennadius of Marseilles (?–ca. 494). Author who sought to bring the De viris illustribus of ⇒Jerome up to date by adding ninety-one chapters to it. Many of his works have been lost, and we know of their existence because an anonymous author added a last chapter to G.’s version of De viris illustribus
Encyclopedia of Ancient Christianity
Gennadius of Marseille
GENNADIUS of Marseille (d. after 496). The scarce information we have on his life comes from the last chapter of De viris illustribus, modeled on the autobiographical one that closes the homonymous work of *Jerome. Rejected today as spurious, after having been considered for a long time as authentic,
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Gennadius of Marseilles
Gennadius of Marseilles (died 496)Theologian, historical biographer, and Christian apologistGennadius wrote a continuation of late-fourth-century theologian Jerome’s Concerning Famous Men. Gennadius’s addition, which contains 101 articles about fifth-century church writers (including himself), primarily