Gaspard de Coligny
b. February 16, 1519 – d. August 24, 1572 • Martyr • Noble • Protestant
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Coligny, Gaspard de
Coligny, Gaspard de (1519–72), *Huguenot leader. A member of one of the greatest families in France, he spent much of his life at court and in the service of the French Army. He was converted to *Calvinism in 1560, and after the death of the Prince de Condé in 1569 became the recognized leader of the
Compton’s Encyclopedia
Coligny, Gaspard de
Coligny, Gaspard de(1519–72). In the midst of the political intrigue that marked the religious wars in France during the last half of the 16th century, the figure of Gaspard de Coligny, admiral of France, stands out. While so many of the leaders of both warring parties—Catholics and Huguenots alike—
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Coligny, Gaspard De
Coligny, Gaspard de (1519–1572)Hero of French Protestants during religious strife of the 1560sBorn into an important family, by the age of twenty-two Coligny was a favorite at the French court. During France’s territorial conflicts, in 1544 he served in the Italian campaign, later becoming colonel