Galla Placidia
b. AD 392 – d. November 27, AD 450 • Empress
The Oxford Dictionary of the Christian Church
Galla Placidia
Galla Placidia (c. 390–450), Roman Empress. The daughter of *Theodosius I, she was carried off by *Alaric the Goth, when he captured *Rome in 410, and in 414 married his successor, King Ataulf. After his murder in 415, she rejoined Honorius, her brother, and on the accession of her son, Valentinian III,
Dictionary of Greek and Roman Biography and Mythology, Volumes I–III
GALLA. 1. First wife of Julius Constantius, son of the emperor Constantius Chlorus by his second wife, Theodora. She bore her husband two sons, one of whom Valesius thinks was the Flavius Valerius Constantinus, consul in a. d. 327, but to whom others do not give a name; the younger was Gallus Caesar.
A Dictionary of Christian Biography, Literature, Sects and Doctrines, Volumes I–IV
Galla (2)
GALLA (2), first wife of Flavius Julius Constantius, half-brother of Constantine I. Ammianus (Hist. xiv. 11, § 27) tells us that she was the sister of the consulars Rufinus and Cerealis. She had two sons and one daughter by Julius Constantius. The name of the eldest son is unknown, but Julian tells us
Galla Placidia
GALLA (5) PLACIDIA, daughter of Theodosius I. by his second wife Galla. On the death of her father, a.d. 395, she and her half-brother Honorius were left under the care of Stilicho and his wife Serena, the latter being the daughter of Galla’s paternal uncle Honorius (Olympiod. ap. Phot. Biblioth. lxxx.).
The Eerdmans Encyclopedia of Early Christian Art and Archaeology, Volumes 1–3
Galla Placidia
Galla PlacidiaAelia Galla Placidia (b. ca. 388 or 393 [see T. E. Gregory, ODB, s.v.], d. 27 Nov. 450). Daughter of Theodosius I and his wife Galla; sister of Honorius; wife of Ataulf. In 421–50 G.P. was augusta of the West. The only known portrait of G.P. is numismatic (fig. 1), an issue of Valentinian
Encyclopedia of Ancient Christianity
Galla Placidia
GALLA PLACIDIA (ca. 388–450). Aelia Galla Placidia, daughter of the emperor *Theodosius I and half-sister of *Arcadius and *Honorius, emperors respectively of the East and the West. Born at* Constantinople a little before 390, she lived mostly in *Ravenna, where she took an active part in the intrigues
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Galla, Placidia
Galla, Placidia (c. 390–450)Roman empress of the West; daughter of Theodosius I and GallaGalla was abducted from Rome by invading Goth tribes in 410. Her short marriage to Visigoth ruler Ataulf ended with his assassination in 415. Galla’s brother Honorius, then emperor, arranged for her return to Rome