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Gain In the OT various idiomatic and periphrastic constructions express the verb “gain”; sometimes the RSV supplies “gain” from the context (e.g., Prov. 10:2; 20:17), thus translating the sense of the Hebrew rather than the literal words. Most frequently the root bṣʿ underlies the RSV’s rendering (cf.
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GAIN<gan>: In the Old Testament the translation of three Hebrew substantives, [בֶּצַע‎, betsà], “unjust gain,” “any gain” (Jdg 5:19; Job 22:3; Prov 1:19; 15:27; Isa 33:15; 56:11; Ezek 22:13, 17; Mic 4:13); [מְחיר‎, mechir], “price” for which a thing is sold (Dan 11:39, the only
A Dictionary of Christ and the Gospels: Aaron–Zion
GAIN.—The word ‘gain’ occurs ten times in the AV of the Gospels, and on every occasion in one of the sayings of our Lord. These passages fall into three groups: (1) The parallel records of a saying repeated by all the Synoptists (Mt 16:26, Lk 9:25, Mk 8:36); (2) the parables of the Talents and the Pounds
The Zondervan Encyclopedia of the Bible, Volume 2, D–G
gain. This English term, as a noun or as a verb, is used variously in Bible translations to render a number of words and expressions, such as Hebrew beṣaʿ H1299, “[unjust] profit” (e.g., 1 Sam. 8:3) and qānâ H7864, “to acquire, buy” (e.g., Prov. 15:32), Greek porismos G4516, “[means of] gain” (e.g.,
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GAIN, gān: In the OT the tr of three Heb substs., בֶּצַע‎, beçaʽ, “unjust gain,” “any gain” (Jgs 5:19; Job 22:3; Prov 1:19; 15:27; Isa 33:15; 56:11; Ezk 22:13, 27; Mic 4:13); מְחיר‎, meḥīr, “price” for which a thing is sold (Dnl 11:39, the only place where the Heb word is trd “gain” in AV, though it
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ACQUIRE [קָנָהqanah]. The primary sense of the verb qanah is concrete and economic, referring to the acquisition of property: most often real estate (Gen 33:19; Lev 25:30; 2 Sam 24:21; Jer 32:7; etc.), but also livestock (2 Sam 12:3; 24:24), construction materials (2 Kgs 12:13; 22:6), spices (Isa 43:24),