Friedrich von Bodelschwingh
b. August 14, 1877 – d. January 4, 1946 • Lutheran • Missionary • Theologian
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Bodelschwingh, Friedrich (the Elder)
Bodelschwingh, Friedrich (the Elder) and Friedrich (the Younger) vonThe father (1831–1910) was a German pastor and social ministry leader, and the son (1877–1946) was a German pastor and churchman active in opposition to National Socialism. The elder Bodelschwingh was born into a devout Berlin family.
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Bodelschwingh, Friedrich
BODELSCHWINGH, FRIEDRICH (1831–1910)German Lutheran pastor of Pietistic tendencies; founder of an institution for epileptics known as BethelBodelschwingh’s decision to become a missionary was made in 1854 as a result of a revival then strong in Germany. After theological studies in Basel, Erlangen,