Friedrich Myconius
b. December 26, 1490 – d. April 7, 1546 • Lutheran • Protestant Reformer • Theologian
The Oxford Dictionary of the Christian Church
Myconius, Friedrich
Myconius, Friedrich (1490–1546), *Lutheran reformer of Thuringia. Born at Lichtenfels on the Main, he studied at Annaberg. After entering the *Franciscan Order (14 July 1510) he was transferred to Leipzig, and in 1512 to Weimar. In 1516 he was ordained priest and soon became known as a persuasive preacher.
Dictionary of Luther and the Lutheran Traditions
Myconius, Friedrich
Myconius, FriedrichAs pastor and reformer, Friedrich Myconius (1490–1546) helped implement the Reformation in Thuringia and Ducal Saxony. A Franciscan priest, Myconius became an early supporter of Luther’s movement. In 1524 he accepted a call to Gotha to introduce reforms and oversee its city schools.
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Myconius, Friedrich
Myconius, Friedrich (1490–1546)German reformerMyconius was born at Lichtenfels in Upper Franconia. He went to school at Annaberg, where he met Tetzel, the preacher of indulgences. In 1510 he joined the Franciscan order and served first at Leipzig and then at Weimar, becoming a priest and preacher in