Friedrich Delitzsch
b. September 3, 1850 – d. December 19, 1922 • Lutheran • Scholar
The Oxford Dictionary of the Christian Church
Delitzsch, Friedrich
Delitzsch, Friedrich (1850–1922), German Assyriologist. He was the son of F. J. *Delitzsch, and held professorships at Leipzig (1878), Breslau (1893), and Berlin (1899). He published various works on oriental subjects, among them Prolegomena eines neuen hebriäisch-aramaischen Wörterbuchs zum Alten Testament
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Delitzsch, Friedrich
Delitzsch, Friedrich (1850–1922)German AssyriologistSon of Franz Julius Delitzsch, Friedrich served as professor at Leipzig (1878–1893), Breslau (1893–1899), and Berlin from 1899 until he retired. Although his father was theologically conservative and Pietistic, Friedrich Delitzsch became hostile to