Frederick Denison Maurice
b. August 29, 1805 – d. April 1, 1872 • Anglican • Author • Theologian
The Oxford Dictionary of the Christian Church
Maurice, Frederick Denison
Maurice, Frederick Denison (1805–72), Anglican divine. He was born at Normanstone, near Lowestoft, the son of a *Unitarian minister. After a boyhood spent among long and painful religious disputes in his family he entered Trinity College, Cambridge, in 1823 (where F. *Field was his tutor) with a view
The Dictionary of Historical Theology
Maurice, Frederick Denison (1805–72)
Maurice, Frederick Denison (1805–72)The son of a *Unitarian minister, Maurice was exposed to religious controversy as a child. Refusing to take his Cambridge degree because he would have to subscribe to the Thirty-nine Articles, he paradoxically transferred after an interval to Oxford and defended subscription
The Westminster Dictionary of Theologians
Maurice, Frederick Denison
Maurice, Frederick Denison (1805–72). Anglican theologian who sought to relate the Christian faith to the problems of poverty and poor working conditions. He was fully confident that, in spite of sin, Christians can significantly improve the human condition in history. H. R. ⇒Niebuhr identified him as
The Thiselton Companion to Christian Theology
Maurice, F. D.
Maurice, F. D.F. D. Maurice (1805–1872) has attracted admiration, controversy, and hostility. It is probably an exaggeration to call him “the greatest thinker of the English Church in the nineteenth century,” as some do, although B. M. G. Reardon calls him “arguably the most original theological thinker
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Maurice, Frederick Denison
Maurice, Frederick Denison (1805–1872)Anglican theologianSon of a Unitarian minister who lived in East Anglia, England, Maurice was supposed to go into the Nonconformist ministry. He rebelled against his father’s views and went to study at Trinity College, Cambridge, intending to become a lawyer. During