Franz Joseph Haydn
b. March 31, 1732 – d. May 31, 1809 • Composer
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Haydn, Joseph
Haydn, Joseph(1732–1809). Called the father of both the symphony and the string quartet, Joseph Haydn founded what is known as the Viennese classical school—consisting of Haydn, his friend Mozart, and his pupil Beethoven. He lived from the end of the baroque period to the beginning of the romantic and
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Haydn (Francis Joseph) (1732–1809).—Austrian composer, born at Rohrau, died at Vienna. Son of a wheelwright who was, at the same time, sacristan and organist; he showed from his childhood remarkable dispositions for music. At the age of thirteen years, he wrote a Mass which he showed to his teacher,
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Haydn, Franz Joseph
Haydn, Franz Joseph (1732–1809)Austrian composer; luminary of Western music of the classical eraIn early life Haydn was a choirboy at St. Stephen’s Cathedral in Vienna. He subsequently studied the theoretical works of Fux and Matthesohn and studied composition under Porpora. After having as patrons