Frank Weston
b. September 13, 1871 – d. November 2, 1924 • Anglican • Author • Bishop
The Oxford Dictionary of the Christian Church
Weston, Frank
Weston, Frank (1871–1924), Anglican Bp. of Zanzibar. After several years’ work in slum parishes in England, he joined the *UMCA in 1898, and was appointed principal of St Andrew’s Training College, Kiungani, in 1901. Here he learned to live among Africans as one of themselves, and to understand their
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Weston, Frank
Weston, Frank (1871–1924)Anglican bishop of ZanzibarBorn into an evangelical home in London, Weston became a strong Anglo-Catholic during a brilliant career at Oxford. After ordination in 1894, he served parishes in slum areas, then joined the largely celibate Universities’ Mission to Central Africa