Francis of Paola
b. March 27, 1416 – d. April 2, 1507 • Religious group founder • Roman catholic
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Francis of Paola, St
Francis of Paola, St (1416–1507), founder of the Order of *Minims. Coming from a modest, deeply religious family, he spent a year with the *Franciscans as a boy in fulfilment of a vow of his parents. Here he developed a great love of austerity, and in 1431 began to lead a strictly ascetic life as a hermit,
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Francis of Paola
Francis of Paola (1416–1507)Roman Catholic saint and ascetic; founder of the monastic order of the MinimsFrancis was born to a poor family, and before he turned twenty he left to spend a year with the Franciscans. He chose, however, the more austere life of a hermit. His spiritual self-discipline brought