Frances Xavier Cabrini
b. 1850 – d. December 22, 1917 • Missionary
Compton’s Encyclopedia
Cabrini, Saint Frances Xavier
Cabrini, Saint Frances Xavier(1850–1917). The patron saint of immigrants, Frances Xavier Cabrini was herself an immigrant. Born in Italy, where she founded the Missionary Sisters of the Sacred Heart, she traveled to the United States and eventually became the first United States citizen to be canonized,
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Cabrini, Frances-Xavier
Cabrini, Frances-Xavier (1850–1917)Founder of the Missionary Sisters of the Sacred Heart; the first American citizen to be canonizedBorn in Lombardy, Italy, Cabrini became a teacher, but her aim was to be a missionary in China. This was ruled out because of her poor health, and in 1880, three years