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The Lexham Bible Dictionary
Jerusalem (יְרוּשָׁלַםִ‎, yerushalami). The capital city of biblical Israel, and later of the southern kingdom of Judah. The central location for Israel’s self-understanding of life under God.
Jerusalem, Critical Issues
Jerusalem, Archaeology of Introduction to the archaeological data concerning Jerusalem in the Middle Bronze Age and the Iron Age.
The Anchor Yale Bible Dictionary
Jerusalem (Place)
JERUSALEM (PLACE) [Heb yĕrûšālayim (יְרוּשָׁלַיִם)]. Pliny the Elder described Jerusalem as “by far the most renowned city of the ancient East” (HN V:14). Jerusalem is best known as the “holy city” (Isa 52:1), sacred to the three great monotheistic religions. Few subjects have generated so large
Baker Encyclopedia of the Bible
Jerusalem. Historic city sacred to Christians, Jews, and Muslims; the chief city of ancient Palestine and of the modern state of Israel.
The International Standard Bible Encyclopedia, Revised
Jerusalem jə-roo̅ʹsə-ləm:-l:m [Heb. yerûšālayim, yerûšālēm—‘city of wholeness’; Gk. Ierosalēm, Hierosolyma]. The principal city of ancient Israel, location of the temple, capital of the kingdom of Judah, chief city of nascent Judaism, the city where Jesus Christ was tried and crucified,
Tyndale Bible Dictionary
JERUSALEM Historic city sacred to Christians, Jews, and Muslims; the chief city of ancient Palestine and of the modern state of Israel.PreviewMeaning of the NameGeographical SituationHistoryMeaning of the NameEgyptian Meaning The earliest mention of the name occurs in the Egyptian Execration
The HarperCollins Bible Dictionary (Revised and Updated)
JerusalemTopography: Situated on the crest of the Judean mountains some twenty miles west of the Dead Sea’s northern end and thirty miles east of the Mediterranean Sea, the biblical city of Jerusalem (ji-roo´suh-luhm) was built over two hills ranging from 2,300 to 2,500 feet above sea level and surrounded
The Wycliffe Bible Encyclopedia
City of God
CITY OF GOD1. A term used to describe Jerusalem (Ps 46:4; 48:1, 8). It was the city which God chose to be His habitation among the tribes of Israel (Deut 12:5). See Jerusalem.2. This term is used also to describe heaven, or the New Jerusalem (Heb 11:10; 12:21; Rev 3:12; 21; 22). See Jerusalem, New.
JERUSALEM. This city has been aptly called the “spiritual capital of the world,”. judgment underscored by the United Nations’ resolution of 1947 to designate it an international holy city. To students of the Bible and of history it is perhaps the world’s most fascinating community, being one the world’s
Eerdmans Dictionary of the Bible
Jerusalem (Heb. yĕrûšālayim)The primary city of ancient Israel, capital of Judah and the United Monarchy.
Eerdmans Bible Dictionary
Jerusalem [jə rōōˊ sə ləm] (Heb. yerûšālayim, yerûšālēm “city of peace, wholeness [or “Salem”]”).† The city of David, capital of Judah and the united monarchy; holy city of Judaism, Christianity, and Islam.
The Archaeological Encyclopedia of the Holy Land
JERUSALEMthe canaanite and israelite citythe site The principal remains of biblical Jerusalem have been uncovered on the City of David, the hill overlooking the Gihon Spring (the Virgin’s Fountain in the Kidron Valley. This section of the City of David is bordered on the north by the Temple Mount,
Dictionary of Paul and His Letters
JerusalemThe relationship of Paul to the Jerusalem church raises a number of difficult questions. One of these involves how we are to relate the accounts found in the Acts of the Apostles with those in the Pauline letters. When apparent contradictions surface, how are they to be handled? How do we balance