Food offered to idols
Idol Food
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Food Offered to Idols
food offered to idols, meat from animals used in pagan cultic observances. In sacrificial offerings, only a portion of the animal was burned on the altar; what was left was sold in the public market. Many Jews would refuse to purchase or consume this meat; some Christians also refused to partake of it,
Dictionary of Paul and His Letters
Food Offered to Idols
Food offered to idols and jewish food lawsWith circumcision, laws and observances regarding food served as important ritual markers of Jewish identity. The literary evidence (both Jewish and non-Jewish) affirms that Jewish identity was in no small measure determined by how food was prepared, what sort
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Food Offered to Idols
Food Offered to Idolsfood offered to idols, the English translation of one Greek word that was used first by Greek-speaking Jews to refer to the sacrifices (often of animals, thus the reference to ‘meat’ in 1 Cor. 8:13) that were regularly a part of pagan cultic observances (see 4 Macc. 5:2). The classical
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Food Offered to Idols
FOOD OFFERED TO IDOLS A cause of controversy in the early church centering on what Christians were permitted to eat.“Food offered to idols” is a translation of a single Greek word which has also been rendered “things offered unto idols” (KJV) and “meat sacrificed to idols” (NIV). The identification
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