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The International Standard Bible Encyclopedia, Revised
Fly(vb); Fly Away; Flying
Fly (vb.); Fly Away; Flying [Heb. ʿûp̱] (e.g., 2 S. 22:11; Prov. 23:5; 26:2; Isa. 14:29; 30:6; 60:8; Hos. 9:11; Hab. 1:8; Zec. 5:1f); AV also FLEE (Nah. 3:16); NEB also SWEEPING, “quickly pass” (Ps. 90:10), “spread in flight” (Isa. 6:2); [nāṣōʾ] (Jer. 48:9); AV FLEE; [dāʾâ] (Dt. 28:49; Ps. 18:10
International Standard Bible Encyclopedia
FLY(Verb; [עוּת‎, ̀uph] [πετάομαι, petaomai], or, contracted, ptaomai): Used in preference to “flee” when great speed is to be indicated. “To fly” is used:1. Literally, of birds, `uph (Gen 1:20; Ps 55:6); da’ah (Dt 28:49), of sparks (Job 5:7); of the arrow (Ps 91:5); of the seraphim