Flood epic
Stories and concepts of a great flood in ancient times. The story often centers around one or a few survivors of a cataclysmic flood.
Key passages
Wis 14:6–7

For even in the beginning when proud giants were perishing, the hope of the world, taking refuge on a raft, guided by your hand, left a seed of generation for eternity. For blessed is the wood through which righteousness comes.

Sir 44:17–18

Noah was found perfect, righteous; in the time of wrath he became a substitute; therefore, a remnant came to be on the earth; therefore, the flood came to be. Covenants of eternity were placed before him, lest a flood destroy all flesh.

3 Mac 2:4

Those who previously did wrong—among whom were giants, who trusted in Rome and arrogance—you destroyed, bringing on them immeasurable water.