Baker Encyclopedia of the Bible
Flag. kjv rendering of an uncertain marshland plant in Job 8:11.See Plants (Papyrus; Reed; Rush).
Tyndale Bible Dictionary
FLAG* kjv rendering of an uncertain marshland plant in Job 8:11. See Plants (Papyrus; Reed; Rush).
Smith’s Bible Dictionary
Flag. There are two Hebrew words rendered “flag” in our Bible:1. A word of Egyptian origin, and denoting “any green and coarse herbage, such as rushes and reeds, which grows in marshy places.” Gen. 41:2, 18 (here translated meadow). It is perhaps the Cyperus esculentus. 2. A word which appears to be
Easton’s Bible Dictionary
Flag(Heb., or rather Egyptian, ahu, Job 8:11), rendered “meadow” in Gen. 41:2, 18; probably the Cyperus esculentus, a species of rush eaten by cattle, the Nile reed. It also grows in Palestine.In Ex. 2:3, 5, Isa. 19:6, it is the rendering of the Hebrew suph, a word which occurs frequently in connection
Harper’s Bible Dictionary
Flagsflags (kjv; rsv: ‘reeds’ in Exod. 2:3, 5; Job 8:11 or ‘rushes’ in Isa. 19:6), a variety of plants growing in marshy or river bank locations, such as iris or cattails. The Hebrew term suph (‘soof’) is used for the reeds or rushes at the edge of the Nile in the story of Moses’ infancy (Exod. 2:3,
International Standard Bible Encyclopedia
FLAGTwo Hebrew words:1. [סוּת‎, cuph] (Ex 2:3, 5, “flags”; Isa 19:6, “flags”; Jon 2:5, “weeds”). This is apparently a general name which includes both the fresh-water weeds growing along a river bank and “seaweeds.” The Red Sea was known as Yam cuph.2. [אָחוּ‎, ’achu] (Gen 41:2,
Compton’s Encyclopedia
flagSince early times people have displayed flags and various other objects to show their nationality or their allegiances. Today, in addition to representing nations and other political entities, flags are used to represent youth groups, such as the Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts; political alliances,
Dictionary of Phrase and Fable
Flag. (Danish, flag.)A black flag is the emblem of piracy or of no quarter. (See Black Flags.)To unfurl the black flag. To declare war. The curtain which used to hang before the door of Ayeshah, Mahomet’s favourite wife, was taken for a national flag, and is regarded by Mussulmans as the most precious
The Westminster Bible Dictionary
Flag. The representative of two Hebrew words in our English Version of the Scriptures.1. The word thus rendered in Ex. 2:3, 5 and in Isa. 19:6 appears to be used in a very wide sense to denote “weeds of any kind.”2. The word thus rendered in Job 8:11 is supposed to be the Cyperus esculentus, a species
Holman Illustrated Bible Dictionary
FLAG KJV term for a water plant generally translated as “reed” (Exod. 2:3, 5; Job 8:11) or rush (Isa. 19:6) by modern translations. See Plants.
The Zondervan Encyclopedia of the Bible, Volume 2, D–G
flag. This English term, in the sense of a plant that has long leaves, is used by the KJV in three passages, rendering Hebrew words that are better translated “reed” or “rush” (sûp H6068 in Exod. 2:3, 5; Isa. 19:6; ʾāḥû H286 in Job 8:11).