First Epistle of John
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John, First Letter of
John, First Letter of Part of a broader group of writings known as the General or Catholic Letters. Along with 2 and 3 John, 1 John is included in the writings commonly called the Letters (or Epistles) of John.
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1 John
1 JohnA letter addressed to unnamed churches; tradition puts them near Ephesus in Asia Minor. The letter’s message is that God is made known to us in the Son, and that fellowship with the Father is attained by living in the light, justice, and love of the Son. It also corrects the error of those who
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John the First Epistle General of
John, The First Epistle General of. There can be no doubt that the apostle John was the author of this epistle. It was probably written from Ephesus, and most likely at the close of the first century. In the introduction, ch. 1:1–4, the apostle states the purpose of his epistle: it is to declare the
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John, First Epistle of (Writing)
JOHN, FIRST EPISTLE OF. The first epistle of John is in the nature of a family letter from the heavenly Father to His “little children” who are in the world. The great theme of the epistle is fellowship in the family of the Father. The intimacy of the epistle has always had great attraction for the people
The New Interpreter’s Dictionary of the Bible, Volumes 1–5
2. First John
2. First JohnThe most specific ethical teaching of the Johannine tradition is found in 1 John. It serves as a corrective to an erroneous interpretation of the Gospel that led some to claim that they were without sin. This problem is apparent in the opening chapters of 1 John, where the author warns
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