First Apocalypse of James
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James, First Apocalypse of
Apocalypse of James, First A noncanonical, likely gnostic text. The first of two apocalypses pseudonymously attributed to James, the brother of Jesus. This work was never widely authoritative in the early church period.
The Anchor Yale Bible Dictionary
James, First Apocalypse of
JAMES, FIRST APOCALYPSE OF (NHC V,3). The first of two apocalypses attributed to James, the brother of the Lord, in the collection of materials from Nag Hammadi. These two apocalypses and the Apocryphon of James (NHC 1,2) constitute the literature attributed to the brother of Jesus in the Nag Hammadi
The Oxford Dictionary of the Christian Church
James, Apocalypses of
James, Apocalypses of. Two short *Gnostic works contained in Codex V of the *Nag Hammadi Library. They embody dialogues between Jesus and James, who is called ‘the Just’ and the Lord’s ‘brother’. The theme of the first is redemption, in the sense of the liberation of the Gnostic from the pains of earthly
The Zondervan Encyclopedia of the Bible, Volume 3, H–L
James, Apocalypse of (Writing)
James, Apocalypse of. Two documents under this title (to be distinguished from the Apocryphon of James) are contained in Codex V of the Nag Hammadi Library. The First Apocalypse (NHC V, 3) takes the form of a dialogue between Jesus and James, the brother of the Lord. The first part of this document falls
The New Interpreter’s Dictionary of the Bible, Volumes 1–5
JAMES, APOCALYPSE OF. Two pseudepigraphal documents entitled “The Apocalypse of James” were present in the trove of gnostic writings found in Chenoboskion, Egypt, in 1946, now called by scholars “First” and “Second” to distinguish them. See APOCRYPHA, NT; GNOSTICISM; JAMES; JAMES, FIRST APOCALYPSE OF;
JAMES, FIRST APOCALYPSE OF. The First Apocalypse of James is a gnostic Christian text discovered in 1945 among the Coptic writings found at Nag Hammadi (see GNOSTICISM; NAG HAMMADI TEXTS). In terms of genre, this apocryphon is more a revelation dialogue than a true apocalypse. Although the text is badly