Festal Garment
Festal Garments • Festal Robe • Festal Robes
The International Standard Bible Encyclopedia, Revised
Festal Garments
Festal Garments [Heb. ḥalip̱ôṯ śemālōṯ‘changes of mantles’] (Gen. 45:22); AV “changes of raiment”; NEB “changes of clothing”; [alîp̱ôṯ beg̱āḏîm-‘changes of garments’] (Jgs. 14:12f, 19; 2 K. 5:5, 22f); AV “changes of garments”; FESTAL ROBES [maḥalāṣôṯ] (Isa. 3:22); AV “changeable
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Festal Garments, Festal Robes
FESTAL GARMENTS, FESTAL ROBES Terms used by modern translations for two Hebrew expressions. The Hebrew expressions underlying “festal garments” mean a change of clothing (Gen. 45:22; Judg. 14:12–13, 19; 2 King 5:5, 22–23); the term underlying “festal robes” means clean, pure, or white clothing (Isa.
The Zondervan Encyclopedia of the Bible, Volume 2, D–G
Festal Garments
festal garments. The NRSV rendering of Hebrew ḥălîpôt bĕgādîm in a few verses (Jdg. 14:12–13, 19 [ḥălîpôt by itself]; the RSV had used the same translation also in Gen. 45:22 [ḥălîpôt śĕmālōt] and 2 Ki. 5:5, 22–23). The expression means literally “changes [i.e., sets] of clothes” (from
The New Interpreter’s Dictionary of the Bible, Volumes 1–5
FESTAL GARMENT [חֲלִפֹת בְּגָדִיםkhalifoth beghadhim, שְׂמָלֹת חֲלִפוֹתkhalifoth semaloth, מַחֲלָעוֹתmakhalatsoth]. Festive occasions required the use of one’s best clothes. The quality of garments was determined by the type of fabric, excellence of the dye (for wool), and brilliance (especially for
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