Fear of Isaac
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Fear of Isaac
Fear of Isaac (פַּחַד יִצְחָק‎, pachad yitschaq). A name of God found twice in the Old Testament (Gen 31:42, 53).
The Anchor Yale Bible Dictionary
Fear of Isaac
FEAR OF ISAAC [Heb paḥad yiṣḥāq (פַּחַד יִצְחָק)]. An ancient title of the divinity used twice in the OT (Gen 31:42, 53, paḥad ʾābı̂w yiṣḥāq, “the Fear of his father Isaac”), uniformly rendered in ancient times and generally in later times as “the fear/terror of Isaac.” Some modern scholars
Dictionary of Deities and Demons in the Bible
Fear of Isaac
FEAR OF ISAAC פחד יצחקI. No definite interpretation can be given for the expression paḥad yiṣḥāq. It only occurs in Gen 31:42, 53 (in the latter verse as paḥad ʾābîw yiṣḥāq). Paḥad yiṣḥāq was interpreted as a divine name by Alt (1929) because of its archaic impression (cf. ʾăbîr yaʿăqŏb)
Holman Illustrated Bible Dictionary
Fear of Isaac
FEAR OF ISAAC Name or title that Jacob used in referring to God (Gen. 31:42; cp. 31:53; 46:1). Evidently the patriarchs used various names to refer to God until He revealed His personal name to Moses (Exod. 6:3). Some scholars translate the Hebrew expression “Kinsman of Isaac” or “Refuge of Isaac.” See
The Zondervan Encyclopedia of the Bible, Volume 2, D–G
Fear of Isaac
Fear of Isaac. This expression (Heb. paḥad yiṣḥāq) appears twice in Scripture (Gen. 31:42, 53; in the latter passage, “the Fear of his father Isaac”). It is generally thought to be a name for God, pointing to his protective care and power, which inspires terror in his enemies. Some scholars have
The New Interpreter’s Dictionary of the Bible, Volumes 1–5
FEAR OF ISAAC [פַּחד יִעְחָקpakhadh yitskhaq]. Appearing only in Gen 31:42 (though see also the related designation in Gen 31:53), the divine designation “fear of Isaac” alludes at once to the awe that the deity engenders in the devotee and to the terror that is manifested in the protection of the devotee.
4. Fear of Isaac
4. Fear of IsaacThe epithet pakhadh yitskhaq (פַּחַד יִצְחָק, “fear of Isaac”) appears only in the Bible (Gen 31:42), though it is obviously related to the variant form, pakhadh ʾaviw yitskhaq (אָבִיו יִצְחָק פַּחַד, “fear of his father, Isaac,” Gen 31:53). An older argument-on the basis of cognates
d. Pakhadh
d. pakhadh. Pakhadh (פָּחַד, “Fear [of Isaac]”) usually is associated with the ancestral era (Gen 31:42, 53). The use of pakhadh in 1 Sam 11:7 for the dread that Yahweh causes to fall on Israel’s enemies suggests that the issue of divine protectiveness of the chosen family is the foremost theme, though
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