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The International Standard Bible Encyclopedia, Revised
Favor; Favorable; Favorably; Favorite
Favor; Favorable; Favorably; Favorite [Heb. ḥēn, ḥānan, teḥinnâ, rāṣâ, rāṣôn, ṭôḇ, ṭôḇâ-‘good’ nōʿam (Ps. 90:17), šālôm—‘peace’ (Gen. 41:16), ḥāp̱ēṣ (2 S. 20:11), dereḵ-‘way’ (Jer. 3:13), diššen-‘find (burnt-offering) fat’ (Ps. 20:3 [MT 4])]; AV also GRACE, ACCEPT (ABLE),
Dictionary of Biblical Imagery
Favored Child, Slighted Child
Favored Child, Slighted ChildAmong the archetypes of the family are the familiar favored child and slighted child, both of them evidence of a dysfunctional family. Although it produces the syndrome of sibling rivalry, favoritism is really a failure of parenting, inasmuch as the favor and slight are
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