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Favor; Favorable; Favorably; Favorite
Favor; Favorable; Favorably; Favorite [Heb. ḥēn, ḥānan, teḥinnâ, rāṣâ, rāṣôn, ṭôḇ, ṭôḇâ-‘good’ nōʿam (Ps. 90:17), šālôm—‘peace’ (Gen. 41:16), ḥāp̱ēṣ (2 S. 20:11), dereḵ-‘way’ (Jer. 3:13), diššen-‘find (burnt-offering) fat’ (Ps. 20:3 [MT 4])]; AV also GRACE, ACCEPT (ABLE),
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FAVOR<fa’-ver> ([חֵן‎, chen], [רָצוֹן‎, ratson], with other Hebrew words; [χάρις, charis]): Means generally good will, acceptance, and the benefits flowing from these; in older usage it meant also the countenance, hence, appearance. Alternating in English Versions of the Bible with “grace,” it is used
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POPULARITY (of Jesus).—The general subject of popularity, as treated in the foregoing article, is strikingly illustrated by the course of our Lord’s public ministry; and in the present article we shall consider (1) the popularity of Jesus, (2) the grounds on which it rested, (3) the value He attached
POPULARITY.—The word does not occur in the NT, but the thing itself is not infrequently treated of. There is a true and there is a false popularity. The latter belongs to him who makes the praise of men his object, and seeks it by ostentatious piety and hypocritical charity (Mt 6:2, 5, 16); the former
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FavorHebrew expression: chenPronunciation: KHAYNStrong’s Number: 2580Key VersesGenesis 6:8; Esther 5:8; 7:3God extended His favor in various ways in the Old Testament, sometimes even through pagan kings. Esther the Queen found “favor,” which is chen in Hebrew, in the eyes of Xerxes the Persian
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FAVOR, fā’vēr (חֵן‎, ḥēn, רָצו̇ן‎, rāçōn, with other Heb words; χάρις, cháris): Means generally good will, acceptance, and the benefits flowing from these; in older usage it meant also the countenance, hence appearance. Alternating in EV with “grace,” it is used chiefly of man, but sometimes also of
Key passages
2 Sa 3:36

All the people noticed, and it was good in their eyes, as everything that the king did was good in the eyes of all the people.

Ps 30:5–7

For there is a moment in his anger; there is a lifetime in his favor. Weeping lodges for the evening, but in the morning comes rejoicing. But as for me, I had said in my prosperity, “I shall not be moved ever.” O Yahweh, by your favor you caused my strong mountain to stand. You hid your …

Is 61:2

to proclaim the year of Yahweh’s favor, and our God’s day of vengeance, to comfort all those in mourning,

Ga 1:10

For am I now making an appeal to people or to God? Or am I seeking to please people? If I were still trying to please people, I would not be a slave of Christ.

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