Family Relationships
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FAMILY AND HOUSEHOLDThe vast disparity between the income of rich and poor makes it somewhat difficult to generalize about all ancient households; a wealthy householder had more than seven hundred times the income of a peasant, and the extremely wealthy might have more than fifteen thousand times the
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RELATIONSHIPS, FAMILY<re-la’-shun-ships>:The family or domestic relations of the Bible include1. those of consanguinity or blood relationship,2. affinity or marriage relationship, and3. legal convention.Those of consanguinity may be divided into lineal and collateral groups; the former are those
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Marriage and Family
MARRIAGE AND FAMILYMarriage is a universal social institution that describes the relationship that founds a family and binds it for the protection and rearing of children. As an institution, marriage governs the relationship of the married, their relatives, their children and their society. This article
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Close Relative
Close relativeHebrew expression: goʾelPronunciation: goh ´EHLStrong’s number: 1350Key VersesLeviticus 25:25, 26; Deuteronomy 19:6; Ruth 3:12; Psalm 19:14The Book of Ruth is the story of Naomi’s distress. However, it is Ruth’s relationship with Boaz which eventually provides the resolution to
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Family Relationships
FAMILY RELATIONSHIPSBlood kinship played an important role in the determination of personal identity and the distribution of power in the villages of early Israel. No blood relationship was taken for granted. However, despite the fact that members of households, clans, villages and tribes in early Israel
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Mic 7:6

For a son treats a father with contempt; a daughter rises up against her mother, a daughter-in-law against her mother-in-law; the enemies of a man are the men of his own house.

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