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Baker Encyclopedia of the Bible
Exorcism, Exorcist. Art of expelling demons and evil spirits, and the practitioner of this art.See Demon, Demon Possession; Trades and Occupations.
Tyndale Bible Dictionary
Exorcism, Exorcist
EXORCISM*, EXORCIST* Art of expelling demons and evil spirits, and the practitioner of this art.The ability to expel or control demons was claimed by many in the ancient Near East. Aside from the miracles of Jesus recorded in the Gospels, only in Acts 19:13 is there a biblical reference to exorcism
The Oxford Dictionary of the Christian Church
exorcist. The second of the traditional *Minor Orders. The power of exorcizing evil spirits, however, was never confined to the members of a particular order (cf. preceding entry). Bishops and priests from the earliest times assumed the primary responsibility for the sick and possessed, and even laymen
Smith’s Bible Dictionary
Exorcist, one who pretends to expel evil spirits by conjuration, prayers, and ceremonies. Exorcism was frequently practiced among the Jews. Matt. 12:27; Acts 19:13. David, by playing skillfully on a harp, procured the temporary departure of the evil spirit which troubled Saul. 1 Sam. 16:23. The power
Easton’s Bible Dictionary
Exorcist(Acts 19:13). “In that sceptical and therefore superstitious age professional exorcist abounded. Many of these professional exorcists were disreputable Jews, like Simon in Samaria and Elymas in Cyprus (8:9; 13:6).” Other references to exorcism as practised by the Jews are found in Matt. 12:27;
International Standard Bible Encyclopedia
EXORCISM; EXORCIST<ek’-sor-siz’-m>, <ek’-sor-sist> ([ Ἐξορκιστής, Exorkistes], from [ἐξορκίζω, exorkizo], “to adjure” (Matthew 26:63)):
A Catholic Dictionary
exorcism and exorcist.1 The custom of attempting to drive out the devil from possessed persons was familiar to the Jews, as appears from Matt. 12:27, Acts 19:13. For this end they employed magical forms said to be derived from Solomon. Our Lord gave his disciples the real power of driving out demons,
The Westminster Bible Dictionary
Ex-orʹcist, the designation of those who, by the use of the name of God, attempted to expel evil spirits from possessed places or persons. Exorcism was not an uncommon profession among the Jews (Matt. 12:27; Mark 9:38). The profane use of the name of Jesus as a mere charm or spell led to the disastrous
The International Standard Bible Encyclopaedia, Volumes 1–5
Exorcism, Exorcist
EXORCISM, ekʹsor-siz’m, EXORCIST,ekʹsor-sist (Ἐξορκιστής, Exorkistḗs, from ἐξορκίζω, exorkízō, “to adjure” [Mt 26:63]): One who expels demons by the use of magical formulae. In the strict etymological sense there is no exorcism in the Bible.
Encyclopedia of Ancient Christianity
EXORCISM—EXORCIST. The Latin word exorcismus (sometimes exorchismus) derives from the Greek ἐξορκισμός, and designates the action exercised by pagan priests, in the name of the ancient deities, to cast out impure or evil spirits (actio exorcizandi, actio expellendi). In this sense the practice was
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