Execution by wild beasts
A form of execution. Death by wild beasts might also occur during a contest or game in which young men and women would battle wild beasts, often as a form of entertainment.
Key passages
2 Ki 2:24

When he turned around and saw them, he cursed them in the name of Yahweh. Then two bears came out of the forest and mauled forty-two boys among them.

Bel 31–32

And there was a den in which seven lions were being fed. To them were given those plotting against the king; and there was supplied to them each day two bodies of those who had been condemned to death. And the angry crown threw Daniel into the den so that he would be devoured, and so that not …

Bel 42

And the king led Daniel out from the pit. And he threw those responsible for his destruction into the den in the presence of Daniel, and they were devoured.

3 Mac 6:7

Daniel, who was thrown down into the earth to lions as food for the beasts on account of false accusations made from envy, you led up unharmed into the light.