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The International Standard Bible Encyclopedia, Revised
Example [Gk. hypódeigma] (Jn. 13:15; Jas. 5:10; 2 Pet. 2:6); AV also ENSAMPLE; NEB also PATTERN, OBJECT LESSON; [íchnos] (Rom. 4:12); AV STEPS; NEB FOOTPRINTS; [týpos] (Phil. 3:17; 1 Thess. 1:7; 2 Thess. 3:9; 1 Tim. 4:12; 1 Pet. 5:3); AV also ENSAMPLE; NEB also MODEL; [deigmatízō] (Col. 2:15);
The Wycliffe Bible Encyclopedia
EXAMPLE. The KJV translation of the Gr. words typos, hypogrammos, hyodeigma, and deigma. The English term is used in illustrating different aspects of Christian conduct. The proper life style and value systems are thus demonstrated individually and collectively in the lives of Christ (Jn 13:15; 1 Pet
Easton’s Bible Dictionary
Exampleof Christ (1 Pet. 2:21; John 13:15); of pastors to their flocks (Phil. 3:17; 2 Thess. 3:9; 1 Tim. 4:12; 1 Pet. 5:3); of the Jews as a warning (Heb. 4:11); of the prophets as suffering affliction (James 5:10).
International Standard Bible Encyclopedia
EXAMPLE<eg-zam’-p’-l> ([τύπος, tupos], “a pattern,” [ὑπόδειγμα, hupodeigma], “copy” “representation” [ὑπογραμμός, hupogrammos], “a writing-copy,” example”): A typical, representative, or illustrative case; a pattern or model for imitation (hupodeigma, John 13:15; Hebrews 8:5 the King
Holman Treasury of Key Bible Words: 200 Greek and 200 Hebrew Words Defined and Explained
ExampleGreek expression: tupos, hupogrammosPronunciation: TOO pawss; hoo paw grahm MAWSSStrong’s Numbers: 5179, 5261Key Verses1 Corinthians 10:6; 1 Thessalonians 1:7; 2 Thessalonians 3:9; 1 Peter 2:21In our day and age, we expect public officers and professional athletes to be role models. Anticipating
The International Standard Bible Encyclopaedia, Volumes 1–5
EXAMPLE, eg-zamʹp’l (τύπος, túpos, “a pattern,” ὑπόδειγμα, hupódeigma, “copy,” “representation,” ὑπογραμμός, hupogrammós, “a writing-copy,” “example”): A typical, representative, or illustrative case; a pattern or model for imitation (hupodeigma, Jn 13:15; He 8:5 AV; Jas 5:10; hupogrammos, 1
Encyclopedia of Ancient Christianity
EXAMPLE (Exemplum). The idea of exemplarity is fundamental in patristic theology, connected as it is with the basic themes of the human being as God’s image; of Christ as teacher; of prophecy (λόγος—τύπος). Deeply rooted in the NT, which speaks of the imitation of God, of Jesus and of the just (see