An increase in rank or importance. Can include a person being made a ruler or a human becoming a supernatural being.
Key passages
Gk Es 12:5–6

Then the king ordered Mordecai to serve in his courtyard, and he gave him gifts because of these things. Now Haman the son of Hammedatha, the Bougaios, was an honored man before the king, and he desired to harm Mordecai and his people on account of the two eunuchs of the king.

Gk Es 13:3

But after inquiring of my advisors how this should be brought to conclusion, Haman—who excels among us in sound judgment, and is distinguished by his unchanging goodwill and steadfast faithfulness, and has obtained the second post of honor in the kingdom—

1 Mac 10:62–66

And the king gave orders to them, and Jonathan took off his robe, and he put on him a purple robe, and they did so. And the king sat him with him and said to his officers, “Go out with him to the middle of the city and proclaim that no one is to bring charges against him concerning not even a …

1 Mac 11:25–27

And some lawless men from the nation attempted to obtain an audience against him. And the king did for him just as those before him had done for him, and he honored him in front of all his friends. And he confirmed him in the high priesthood, and in as many other honors as he had previously. …

1 Esd 4:42

Then the king said to him, “Ask whatever you wish beyond what is written and I will give it to you, whatever is custom. You were found to be wisest, and you will sit next to me and be called my kinsman.”