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The New Bible Dictionary, Third Edition
Evil Speaking
EVIL SPEAKING may be defined as slander, calumny, defamation or deceit. This may be done by spreading false reports (Pr. 12:17; 14:5, 25) or by reporting truth maliciously, i.e. tale-bearing (Lv. 19:16; Pr. 26:20).Evil speaking is prohibited in Ps. 34:13; Pr. 24:28; Eph. 4:31; Jas. 4:11; 1 Pet. 3:10.
Easton’s Bible Dictionary
Evil-speakingis expressly forbidden (Titus 3:2; James 4:11), and severe punishments are denounced against it (1 Cor. 5:11; 6:10). It is spoken of also with abhorrence (Ps. 15:3; Prov. 18:6, 7), and is foreign to the whole Christian character and the example of Christ.
International Standard Bible Encyclopedia
EVIL-SPEAKING<e-v’-l-spek’-ing>: Occurs twice in English Versions:1. 1 Peter 2:1 it is the translation of [καταλαλιά, katalalia], “a speaking against,” rendered “backbiting” in 2 Corinthians 12:20; compare katalalos, “backbiter” (Romans 1:30); the verb katalaleo is rendered to “speak
The International Standard Bible Encyclopaedia, Volumes 1–5
EVIL-SPEAKING, ē-v’l-spēkʹing: Occurs twice in EV: (1) 1 Pet 2:1 it is the tr of καταλαλιά, katalaliá, “a speaking against,” rendered “backbiting” in 2 Cor 12:20; cf katálalos, “backbiter” (Rom 1:30); the vb. katalaléō is rendered to “speak against” (1 Pet 2:12; Jas 4:11; 1 Pet 3:16); (2) of βλασφημία,
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