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Evil Spirits
EVIL SPIRITS. The term ‘evil (ponēra) spirit(s)’ is found in but 6 passages (Matthew, Luke, Acts). There are 23 references to ‘unclean (akatharta) spirits’ (Gospels, Acts, Revelation), and these appear to be much the same. Thus in Lk. 11:24 ‘the unclean spirit’ goes out of a man, but when he returns
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Spirit, Evil/Unclean
Spirit, Evil/UncleanA spiritual being under the authority of Yahweh who carries out the more negative aspects of his will (Heb. rûaḥ raʿâ; Judg. 9:23; 1 Sam. 16:14–23; 18:10; 19:9; cf. 1 Kgs. 22:19–23, “lying spirit”; Zech. 13:2, rûaḥ ṭumʾâ, “unclean spirit”). Postbiblical Jewish texts refer
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Spirit, Evil/Unclean
SPIRIT, EVIL(Heb. rûaḥ rā˓â; Gk. pneúma ponērón)/unclean (Heb. rûaḥ ṭum˒â; Gk. pneúma akátharton).† The Old Testament refers to “evil spirits” in two narratives. In both cases these “spirits” are instruments of God sent to cause an unsettling of political conditions. In the first
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Evil Spirit of God
EVIL SPIRIT OF GOD רעה רוח אלהיםI. There are references to ‘an evil spirit’ (rûaḥ rāʿâ) sent by God in Judg 9:23 and 1 Sam 16:23. In the latter case, the spirit which afflicts Saul is also called rûaḥ ʾĕlōhîm rāʿâ, ‘an evil spirit of God’ or ‘evil divine spirit’ (1 Sam 16:15, 16; 18:10),
Unclean Spirits
UNCLEAN SPIRITS πνεύματα ἀκάθαρταI. ‘Unclean spirit’ occurs only once in the OT (Zech 13:2 rûaḥ haṭṭumʾâ, lit. ‘the spirit of impurity’) and 21 times in the NT in both singular and plural. It is found only in the synoptic gospels and Acts and twice in Rev. The related phrase ‘evil spirit’ (pneuma
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Devil and Evil Spirits
devil and evil spirits. Their personal existence is clearly taught both in the Old Testament and in the New. In the Hebrew Bible an “evil spirit” is said to have come on Saul (1 Sam. 16:14), and the sacrifices offered to idols are represented as really made to ‘demons.”2 In Job 1:6, 12, 2:7, and two
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Evil, Problem of
EVIL, PROBLEM OF (Evolutionary-Creationist View). I address the problem of evil as an evolutionary creationist. Evolutionary creation (EC) has little connection to some aspects of the problem of evil. For instance, human beings have free will and have thereby caused countless evils. There is robust philosophical
Evil, Problem of Progressive-Creationist View
EVIL, PROBLEM OF (Progressive-Creationist View). Atheists, agnostics, and deists cite the problem of evil as a potent challenge to the truth of Christianity. The syllogism for the argument may be stated as follows:1. The God of the Bible is omniscient, omnipresent, and omnibenevolent.2. A world created