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The International Standard Bible Encyclopedia, Revised
Event Occurs in the plural only, translating taúta eplēró̄thē (AV “after these things were ended”; NEB “when things had reached this stage”) in Acts 19:21 and the phrase perí tó̄n mēdépō blepoménon̄ (AV “of things not seen as yet”; NEB “the unseen future”) in He. 11:7.
International Standard Bible Encyclopedia
EVENT<e-vent’>: In Ecclesiastes 2:14; 9:2, 3, the translation of [מִקְרֶה‎, miqreh], “what happens,” “lot,” “fate.” The English word bore this sense at the time of the King James Version. The meaning of “result,” “outcome” [ἐκβάσεις, ekbaseis]), attaches to it in The Wisdom of Solomon
The International Standard Bible Encyclopaedia, Volumes 1–5
EVENT, ē̇-ventʹ: In Eccl 2:14; 9:2, 3, the tr of מִקְרֶה‎, miḳreh, “what happens,” “lot,” “fate.” The Eng. word bore this sense at the time of AV. The meaning of “result,” “outcome” (ἐκβάσεις, ekbáseis), attaches to it in Wisd 8:8, “events of seasons,” RV “issues.”