Ideas about animals.
Key passages
Tob 6:5

Then the angel said to him, “Slit open the fish and remove the heart, liver, and gall. Set them safely aside.”

Tob 6:7–9

Then the young man said to the angel, “Brother Azariah, what are the liver, heart, and gall of the fish for?” And he said to him, “As for the heart and the liver, if a demon or evil spirit troubles someone, so let these things make smoke before a man or woman; and no more will the person be troubled. …

Tob 8:2–3

As he went, he remembered the words of Raphael; so he took the coals of the incense and placed on them the heart of the fish and the liver and made them smoke. And when the demon smelled the odor, it fled to the upper parts of Egypt, and the angel bound it.

Tob 11:7–8

And Raphael said, “I know that your father will open his eyes. You, smear the gall into his eyes, and when it stings, he will rub hard, and he will throw away the whiteness. Then he will see you.”

Tob 11:11–13

and took hold of his father and sprinkled the gall on his father’s eyes, saying, “Take courage, Father!” And when they started to sting, he rubbed his eyes hard, and the white spots scaled off from the corners of his eyes. Then seeing his son, he fell upon his neck