Ideas about the mind and the inner self.
Key passages
3 Mac 5:27–28

Now, receiving the report and being astonished at the lawless exit, having been seized, he inquired with ignorance in regard to all things—because what was explained had been still accomplished for him so zealously. But this was the working of God, who is Lord over all things, who had put a …

3 Mac 5:42

Whence the king, a tyrant in every way, being filled with recklessness and having almost no regard for the changes of heart coming about in him concerning the punishment of the Judeans, firmly swearing an oath without end to send these people to Hades without delay, being tormented by the knees …

3 Mac 5:45

And the master of the elephants, having driven the beasts nearly, so to speak, into a condition like madness with fragrant draughts of wine mixed with frankincense, while having dressed them frighteningly with equipment,