Esdraelon (region)
The Lexham Bible Dictionary
Esdraelon (Ἐσδρηλων, Esdrēlōn). Another name for the valley of Jezreel (Judith 1:8; 3:9; 4:6; 7:3). For further information, see this article: Jezreel of Issachar.
The Anchor Yale Bible Dictionary
Esdraelon (Place)
ESDRAELON (PLACE) [Gk Esdrēlōn (Ἐσδρηλων)]. Western section of the valleys and plains that separate Galilee from Samaria (Jdt 1:8; 3:9; 4:6; 7:3). The name does not occur in the OT, where the name given to this area is Jezreel. Esdraelon includes the plain of Megiddo, which extends from the N slopes
Baker Encyclopedia of the Bible
Esdraelon, Plain of
Esdraelon, Plain of. Greek name, in the Apocrypha, for a portion of the valley of Jezreel, which separates the hills of Galilee and the hills of Samaria.See Jezreel, Valley of.
The International Standard Bible Encyclopedia, Revised
Esdraelon, Plain of
Esdraelon, Plain of ez-drə-ēʹlən, ez-drāʹlon [Gk. Esdrēlōn] (Jth. 1:8; 3:9; 4:6; 7:3); AV also ESDRAELOM (Jth. 1:8; 7:3). The Greek name, derived from Jezreel (Heb. yīzreʿeʾl, Josh. 17:16; Jgs. 6:33) for the central part of the lowland corridor extending from the modern bay of Haifa to Beth-shean.
III. Archeology
2. A settlement in the eighth district of Judah mentioned alongside Maon, Carmel, Ziph, and Juttah (Josh. 15:55f.). It is usually associated with Jezreel, a descendant of Hur in the genealogy of Judah (1 Ch. 4:3). David’s wife Ahinoam, the mother of Amnon (2 S. 3:2; 1 Ch. 3:1), was undoubtedly from there
The Wycliffe Bible Encyclopedia
ESDRAELON. The Gr. name derived from Jezreel for the W portion of the valley of Jezreel (q.v.), including the valley of Megiddo (q.v.) or Armageddon (q.v.). See Palestine, II. B. 2. b..
The New Bible Dictionary, Third Edition
ESDRAELON. The Greek form of the name *Jezreel. However, the Greek and Hebrew names really apply to two distinct but adjacent lowlands, even though in some modern works the term Jezreel is loosely extended to cover both regions. The vale of Jezreel proper is the valley that slopes down from the town
Eerdmans Dictionary of the Bible
Esdraelon (Gk. Esdrēlōn)The Greek form of the name “Jezreel.” Although the term does not occur in the OT (it is found in the Apocrypha in Jdt. 1:8; 3:9; 4:6; 7:3), it is frequently used interchangeably with Jezreel (which does occur in the OT numerous times). Technically, most archaeologists hold that
Eerdmans Bible Dictionary
Esdraelon [ĕzˊdrĭ ēˊlən, ĕzˊdrĭ lôn] (Gk. Esdrēlōn).* The western portion of the valley of Jezreel, from which this Greek name is derived (e.g., Jdt. 1:8; 7:3; KJV “Edraelom”); also called the plain of Megiddo (Zech. 12:11) or the Great Plain (1 Macc. 12:49).
Smith’s Bible Dictionary
Esdra-e´lon. This name is merely the Greek form of the Hebrew word Jezreel. “The great plain of Esdraelon” extends across central Palestine from the Mediterranean to the Jordan, separating the mountain ranges of Carmel and Samaria from those of Galilee. The western section of it is properly the plain
The New Unger’s Bible Dictionary
Esdraelon, Plain of
ESDRAE´LON, PLAIN OF (es-dra-ēʹlon). This name is the Gk. modification of Jezreel (“God sows”). It is a large plain about twenty miles long and fourteen miles wide, famous for its fertility due to soil washed down from the neighboring mountains of Galilee and the highlands of Samaria. Esdraelon drains
Easton’s Bible Dictionary
Esdraelonthe Greek form of the Hebrew “Jezreel,” the name of the great plain (called by the natives Merj Ibn Amer; i.e., “the meadow of the son of Amer”) which stretches across Central Palestine from the Jordan to the Mediterraanean, separating the mountain ranges of Carmel and Samaria from those of
Harper’s Bible Dictionary
EsdraelonEsdraelon (esʹdray-lahn; Gk. for ‘Jezreel’), the western section of the valleys and plains that separate Galilee from Samaria. The smaller eastern section is the Valley of Jezreel; sometimes this name is used for the whole area. Esdraelon itself is not mentioned in the ot, but includes the
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