Epiphanius of Salamis
The Oxford Dictionary of the Christian Church
Epiphanius, St
Epiphanius, St (c. 315–403), Bp. of Salamis. A native of Palestine, he became an enthusiastic supporter of the monastic movement and founded c. 335 a monastery near Eleutheropolis in Judaea. His reputation for earnestness and organization was such that in 367 he was elected by the bishops of Cyprus
The Dictionary of Historical Theology
Epiphanius of Salamis (c. 310–403)
Epiphanius of Salamis (c. 310–403)Born between 310 and 320, Epiphanius was educated by monks in Palestine and Egypt. By the age of twenty he had founded a monastery at Eleutheropolis near Gaza. As abbot he propagated *Nicene orthodoxy in the controversies of the day. In 367 he became bishop of Salamis
The Westminster Dictionary of Theologians
Epiphanius (ca. 315–403). Ascetic and wise man, a native of Judea, whom ⇒Jerome honors with the title of Pentaglot. He is known above all as a heresiologist. In that role, he attacked Origenism in particular (⇒Origen), which seemed to him the most frightful of the heresies of his time. Convinced that
A Dictionary of Christian Biography, Literature, Sects and Doctrines, Volumes I–IV
EPIPHANIUS (1), bishop of Salamis, in the island of Cyprus, and one of the most zealous champions of orthodox faith and monastic piety, was born at Besanduke, a village near Eleutheropolis in Palestine. The year of his birth is unknown, but seeing that in a.d. 392, twelve years before his death, he was
Epiphanius.—Epiphanius, bishop of Constantia, the ancient Salamis of Cyprus, was born in the early part of the 4th century at Besandus, a village of Palestine, not far from Eleutheropolis, and was brought up by the monks of Palestine. He is said to have been of Jewish extraction, and to have been acquainted
The Zondervan Encyclopedia of the Bible, Volume 2, D–G
Epiphanius ep’i-fay’nee-uhs. Born in Palestine c. A.D. 315, Epiphanius founded a monastery in Judea while he was still a young man. He was a vigorous defender of orthodoxy as well as an efficient leader, and in 367 he was elected Bishop of Salamis (Constantia) in Cyprus. During his career Epiphanius
Encyclopedia of Ancient Christianity
Epiphanius of Salamis
EPIPHANIUS of Salamis (d. 403). Bishop of Salamis from ca. 365 to 403. Born ca. 315 at Besanduche, near Eleutheropolis in *Palestine. Educated in *Egypt; returning home aged 20, he founded a *cenobium, of which he was superior and presbyter for ca. 30 years. From there he zealously followed heretical
The New Interpreter’s Dictionary of the Bible, Volumes 1–5
EPIPHANIUS [Ἐπιφάνιος Epiphanios]. Epiphanius (315–403 ce) was one of the most vocal defenders of orthodoxy during his tenure as bishop of Salamis. In addition to helping instigate the Origenist controversy, he played a central role in condemning the Tall Brothers for their subordinationist Christology
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Epiphanius (c. 315–403)Metropolitan bishop of SalamisBorn near Eleutheropolis in Judea, Palestine, as a young man Epiphanius became a monk and about the year 335 founded a monastery near his home. He achieved such fame as a monkish ascetic that in 367 he was elected by the bishops of Cyprus to be the