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The International Standard Bible Encyclopedia, Revised
Entertain [Gk. xenízō] (Acts 28:7; He. 13:2); AV LODGE; GUEST ROOM [katályma] (Mk. 14:14; Lk. 22:11); AV GUEST CHAMBER; NEB “room reserved for me,” ROOM; [xenía] (Philem. 22); AV LODGING; NEB ROOM; HOSPITALITY [philoxenía] (Rom. 12:13; He. 13:2; 1 Pet. 4:9); AV also ENTERTAIN; [xenodochéō] (1
The Wycliffe Bible Encyclopedia
HOST1. Literally, Gr. xenos, as does Latin hostis, meant a stranger; then, “guest”; then, one who receives and entertains strangers, or a host such as Gaius in Rom 16:23. See Hospitality.2. An innkeeper who acts as host for his guests (Lk 10:35).3. Several Heb. words used frequently in a military
The New Unger’s Bible Dictionary
HOST.1. In a social sense, literally a “stranger” (Gk. xenos), i.e., one who receives and entertains hospitably. See Rom. 16:23, where “and to the whole church” is added; meaning that Gaius received all the members of the church who crossed his threshold or kindly permitted the church to worship in
Easton’s Bible Dictionary
EntertainEntertainments, “feasts,” were sometimes connected with a public festival (Deut. 16:11, 14), and accompanied by offerings (1 Sam. 9:13), in token of alliances (Gen. 26:30); sometimes in connection with domestic or social events, as at the weaning of children (Gen. 21:8), at weddings (Gen. 29:22;
Hostan entertainer (Rom. 16:23); a tavern-keeper, the keeper of a caravansary (Luke 10:35).In warfare, a troop or military force. This consisted at first only of infantry. Solomon afterwards added cavalry (1 Kings 4:26; 10:26). Every male Israelite from twenty to fifty years of age was bound by the
Nelson’s New Illustrated Bible Dictionary
HOST — a person who entertains guests in his home and shows Hospitality to strangers. Perhaps because of their own history as wanderers in the desert, hospitality was important to the Hebrew people. Guests were welcomed and provided for (Gen. 18:1–8; 2 Kin. 4:8–17). A host would go to great lengths to
Dictionary of Biblical Imagery
Host, God as
Host, God asThe Bible’s picture of God as a host is rooted in the actions of human hosts: as a divine host, God performs the same activities as human hosts do. The context for the biblical image of God as host is the extreme value that the ancient world placed on the obligations of hosts to their guests.
A Dictionary of Early Christian Beliefs: A Reference Guide to More than 700 Topics Discussed by the Early Church Fathers
ENTERTAINMENTReferences below to the “circus” refer to the chariot races, not to what is known as a circus today.I have hated the congregation of evildoers, and will not sit with the wicked. Ps. 26:5.Therefore gird up the loins of your mind, be sober,not conforming yourselves to the former lusts,
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