Engrave • Lapidary
Smith’s Bible Dictionary
Engraver. His chief business was cutting names or devices on rings and seals; the only notices of engraving are in connection with the high priest’s dress—the two onyx stones, the twelve jewels and the mitre-plate having inscriptions on them. Ex. 28:11, 21, 36.
Easton’s Bible Dictionary
EngraverHeb. harash (Ex. 35:35; 38:23) means properly an artificer in wood, stone, or metal. The chief business of the engraver was cutting names or devices on rings and seals and signets (Ex. 28:11, 21, 36; Gen. 38:18).
Holman Illustrated Bible Dictionary
ENGRAVE To impress deeply, to carve. Many materials were engraved including clay writing tablets (Isa. 8:1), metal, precious gems, stone (Zech. 3:9), and wood. Engraving was frequently done with an iron pen, a stylus, sometimes with a diamond point (Job 19:24; Jer. 17:1). Signet rings engraved with the