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Bible, English Versions of the An overview of the history and development of versions of the English Bible.
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VERSIONS, ENGLISH. Because the Church of England had broken off from the Roman Catholic Church, and because Jews were not permitted to live in England until 1655, most of the English translations surveyed in this five-article entry were used in “Protestant” contexts. The first article surveys the history
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English Versions The English Bible in the form of the Authorized (or King James) Version has secured for itself an enduring place in the thought, piety, speech, and literature of the English-speaking world. It is not always appreciated, however, that this result was achieved only after a long effort
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BIBLE—ENGLISH VERSIONS. The Bible came to the British Isles in a Latin version. In the 1st cen. there were two versions of the OT, Heb. and Gr. But the early Christians found a Latin version necessary, both for the OT and the growing NT, especially because of their missionary work in N Africa where Latin
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English Versions of the Bible
ENGLISH VERSIONS OF THE BIBLE. The main justification for an article on English (rather than Latin or Spanish) versions of the Bible is that, although English has far fewer mother-tongue speakers than Chinese, more Bibles are distributed in English than in any other of the over 2,000 languages into which
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Bible (English versions). 1. pre-reformation versions. No complete Anglo-Saxon Bible, or even NT, exists. Translations of this period comprise (a) interlinear glosses (forming a crude word-by-word translation) of the Gospels and Pss., and (b) versions, sometimes abridged, of separate portions of the
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English Bible, TheEnglish Bible, the. The earliest written translation of any part of the Bible into English may have been made by the Venerable Bede, who died in 735, but none of his translation has survived. The Wessex Gospels, of the tenth century, are the oldest surviving Old English translation
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ENGLISH VERSIONS<in’-glish> <vur’-shunz>:ENGLISH VERSIONS OF THE SCRIPTURES.1. Introductory:The battle for vernacular Scripture, the right of a nation to have the sacred writings in its own tongue, was fought and won in England. Ancient VSS, such as the Syriac and the Gothic, were produced to meet
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Bible Translation, English. A full century before Luther was born John Wicliff had given to the English nation the Bible in their native tongue. But the storm of persecution which arose after his death swept away almost every vestige of his work; and 150 years afterwards, at the time when Luther’s German
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Bible Translations and Versions, Scandinavian. I. Swedish. A. Before the Reformation.—The oldest known translation is that of St. Birgitta, which comprised only the Pentateuch and was probably the work of her confessor Dr. Matthiæ † 1350. Johannes Budde translated the books of Esther, Judith, Ruth, and
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