Ellen Gould White
b. November 26, 1827 – d. July 16, 1915 • Author
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White, Ellen G.
White, Ellen G. (1827–1915). Possibly the female author whose writings have been most translated. (Some of her books have been translated into approximately 150 languages.) Born in Gorham, Maine, she was a convinced follower of the teachings of William ⇒Miller on the second coming, which was to occur
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White, Ellen
White, Ellen (1827–1915). The founder of the Seventh-Day Adventists denomination, White’s parents were Methodists who were forced to leave that fellowship because they began to follow the adventist teachings of William *Miller, who predicted Christ’s return in 1844. In that year, White had the first
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White, Ellen Gould
White, Ellen Gould (1827–1915)Early leader in the Seventh Day Adventist ChurchWhite was born at Gorham, Maine, the daughter of Robert and Eunice Harmon. When she was still a child, her family moved to Portland, Maine. When Ellen was ten she was struck by a stone, putting her in a coma for three weeks.